Regular Pool Service and Repair

Pool Draining

The team at Hennessy Pools will completely change out the water in your Chandler area pool. This includes draining, a through rinse of the interior surfaces, applying new chemicals as needed, balancing the water along with starting the pump.

Weekly Cleaning and Chemical Service

Pool Deck Rinse - Check and make needed adjustments to water chemistry - Empty all baskets, skimmer, pump filters - Load all chemical filters - Skim pool surface, vacuum pool, brush walls - Check all pool equipment.

Chemical Service

Apply all needed chemicals to balance the water.

Bimonthly Cleaning & Chemical Services

Pool Cleaning - Rise the deck area - Check and adjust water chemistry - Skim pool surface, vacuum pool bottom and brush walls - Empty skimmer/pump baskets, backwash filter, load new chemical feeders - Inspection of all equipment

DE Service

Complete disassembly of DE filter and grid - Inspection and cleaning of manifolds and grids - Pressure test and charge with DE - New lubrication of circulation system - Replacement of parts as needed.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Disassemble cartridge filter - Clean and inspect cartridge - Replace parts as needed.

Lube Backwash Valve

Disassemble and reassemble backwash valve and apply silicon lubricant.

Heater Installation

Removal of old heating element and installation of new heater.

Pool Inspection

Inspect pool/spa, pump vacuum, filter, & heater - Confirm correct pressure in all pipes - Verify there are no leaks at pool’s lip - Insure all is in working condition and ready for regular use.


Pool service orientation - Explain workings of pool pump, vacuum, filter, and timer.


Brush all sides of pool, backwash, and repeat for 5 days.

Light Change

Remove pool light fitting - Replace seal and bulb - Reinstall new working light in pool.

Pool Start Up

New pool season start-up cleaning needed to prepare your pool for weekly use and service - Administer chemicals and clean pool - Check filter systems.

Pump Replacement

Removal of old pump - Replace inlet and outlet piping - Installation of new pool pump.

Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning to remove calcium build up.

Chlorine Wash

Scrubbing of interior pool with chlorine - Rinse and repeat as needed.

Acid Wash

Scrubbing of interior pool with acid - Rinse and repeat as needed.